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AC Interference

High-Voltage Power Lines

High-Voltage powerlines can cause AC inteference in nearby pipelines. Protect your personnel and the public against electromagnetically induced voltages in your pipelines. We will help you to find and employ the best solution to combat AC interference.

Computer Modeling of Electromagnetic Interference Effects between High Voltage Transmission Lines and Pipelines

Pipe and Tank Africa uses state-of-the-art computer modeling software specifically designed for complex systems of multiple power lines and multiple pipelines with intricate geometries in an environment of several multi-layer soils. We simulate the interference effects on each pipeline within the system resulting from each of the power lines during both steady-state and fault conditions. This allows us to accurately determine how effective mitigation measures will be and an optimal mitigation design can then be developed.

What we do:

Where pipelines run near or under high voltage lines, the electromagnetic field of the power lines can cause voltages to induce in the pipelines. This can be hazardous to personnel as well as to the general public. In addition, voltages may cause coating damage and AC corrosion on the pipeline. At the same time the DC interference effects from the pipeline’s cathodic protection system may cause corrosion of the buried sections of high voltage transmission line towers.

3D Model of Pipeline and Power Line System in Multilayer Soil Environment

A 3D model of a pipeline and power line system in a multilayer soil environment. Pipe and Tank Africa uses computer models like this to design the most efficient cathodic protection system for your needs.

To manage this delicate situation it is essential to design and apply mitigation measures that are suited to each individual situation. At Pipe and Tank Africa we use pipeline and power line route geometries, tower geometries and conductor data, pipeline coating and steel cross-section information, power line steady-state and fault condition data, deep soil resistivity data and the layout and operating parameters of the pipeline’s cathodic protection system to find a solution.

We construct a three dimensional model of the entire system using this arsenal of data and Right of Way Pro. This sophisticated modeling program was developed by SES Technologies in Canada. Once the model is complete we simulate all the possible steady-state and fault scenarios, with and without mitigation measures. We also look at the effect that the cathodic protection system has on the power lines. Pipe and Tank Africa then designs the most effective mitigation measures specifically suited to your situation.