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Corrosion Protection

Pipeline Coating Quality Control

Quality control of the pipeline coating during installation to ensure the best corrosion prevention.

Consulting Services with Respect to Corrosion Mitigation Measures and Cathodic Protection

Pipe and Tank Africa provides complete consulting services in terms of the design, supply, installation, commissioning, monitoring and maintenance of comprehensive cathodic protection systems. Drawing on 20 years of local and international experience, Pipe and Tank Africa provides sound and realistic advice to protect your installation.

What we do:

Corrosion occurs on storage tank bases, underground storage tanks and buried pipelines due to electrochemical, microbial and electrolytic forces prevalent within the environment. Pipework within flooded valve chambers and internal surfaces of water storage tanks are also influenced by some of these corrosive forces.

Your first line of defense against external corrosion is a good coating system. Unfortunately no coating is ever without defects, so it is essential to ensure that, wherever the steel is exposed to the environment, it is in a non-corroding or cathodic state. We design systems and oversee construction to ensure that this cathodic state is maintained continuously for the life of your structure.

Vertical Anode in a Cathodic Protection System

Drilling operations for the installation of a vertical anode in a cathodic protection system.

Depending on your specific needs Pipe and Tank Africa can also design state of the art remote monitoring systems for transformer rectifiers and test posts. Where required we will assist with the implementation of software based pipeline asset management systems.

At Pipe and Tank Africa we strive to help you with the selection and implementation of the most suitable solution. To make sure it is the right solution we do field studies, detailed design and specifications, supplier accreditation, project management, supervision of contractor activities, quality assurance, factory acceptance testing, commissioning testing, and preparation of as-built drawings.

Cathodic Protection against Pipeline and Tank Corrosion

A rectifier circuit diagram and installed cathodic protection rectifier system, including a computer model used to determine the most efficient cathodic protection design for the safeguarding of tank bases on soil.