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Pipeline Condition Assessment

Coating Defect

A potentially disastrous coating defect.

Pipeline Corrosion Risk Profiling

Pipe and Tank Africa uses advanced technologies and techniques that allow for early and precise detection of sites of past or present corrosion. With this information you, the pipeline owner, can adopt a proactive approach and apply immediate mitigation measures to prevent further deterioration. The extent of the current damage can also be quantified so that we can determine the necessary requirements to refurbish your pipeline.

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Pipeline Inspection using NDT Technologies

Phased Array Inspection of Pipeline Welds

Phased array inspection of pipeline welds.

With the aid of non-intrusive diagnostic techniques, such as coating defect detection and corrosion risk profiling, Pipe and Tank Africa can identify the most likely sections of pipeline corrosion damage.

At selected dig-up sites, our multi-skilled team is equipped to carry out physical inspections, Long Range Guided Ultrasonic Inspections (GUL), Ultrasonic Corrosion Mapping, and Phased Array Ultrasonics.

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